12 Crate.io Case Studies

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Read 12 Case Studies from Crate.io customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Industry 4.0 Powered by Crate IoT Data Platform Increases Factory Efficiency
  • AVUXI Processes Billions of Events from 65 Million Locations with CrateDB
  • ClearVoice Simplifies their Scalable Backend with CrateDB
  • Clickdrive.io Fleet Tracking Using CrateDB
  • Developing Performance Monitoring for Large-Scale Virtual Reality Service Using CrateDB and Grafana
  • DriveNow Deploys CrateDB for Real Time Clickstream Analysis
  • Querying GPS Data for 4 Million Users and 9000 Golf Courses, Golfnow Provides a Hole-In-One Mobile & Web Experience for its Golfers
  • Using Cratedb to Augment Analysis of Free-Form Text with Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Roomonitor Stores and Analyzes Sensor Data with Cratedb
  • Senseforce - Customer Case Study
  • Spatially Chooses CrateDB for Location Analytics
  • Voipstudio Searches Multiple Cloud Systems with CrateDB

About Crate.io

CrateDB: The #1 database for IoT-scale. Purpose-built to scale modern applications in a machine data world. CrateDB is a SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real-time. CrateDB customers have reported improving predictive analytic query performance of machine data by 20x more than MySQL, while reducing database hardware costs by 75%. Crate.io is a company of passionate, experienced developers who’ve crafted a bold and clever database for the fast, data intensive world, making speed and scalability super simple, open, and accessible — a solution that’s built to be sustainable for all.

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