5 Apparound Case Studies

Company Size

Read 5 Case Studies from real Apparound users sharing their business challenges and results after using Apparound software.

  • Less back office activities and more time for sales
  • Leading customers by the hand with a simpler digital selling process
  • Solarplay has digitised the sales processes to virtually travel tens of thousands of km per day and create more business opportunities
  • Sorgenia has chosen Apparound to increase the effectiveness of their sales network and improve the customer satisfaction
  • webidoo - Customer Case Study

About Apparound

Apparound is an Italian company based in Pisa, at the Cittadella dell’Innovazione in Montacchiello. With their app they have digitised and revolutionised the experience of tens of thousands of sellers and customers. Their solution works on any device, even without an internet connection, and can be used by the seller together with the customer, to configure an offer in real time.

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