9 DreamApply Case Studies

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Read 9 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Budapest Metropolitan University tripled enrollments in 3 years
  • How DreamApply helped Edunation work better on application processing
  • How DreamApply simplified funnel management
  • How IZU met its three main priorities of their internationalisation strategy with DeamApply
  • How DreamApply's features made processes easier for both applicants and staff
  • How international student numbers in Estonia increased by more than 135%
  • How Tempus Public Foundation received more than 28 000 appications and increased the efficiency of staff by 40%
  • How DreamApply revolutionised the whole process of student recruitment
  • How high level of system security requirements was major reason for Uversity to choose DreamApply

About DreamApply

DreamApply is a student admission platform for higher education institutions (HEIs) launched in 2011. DreamApply has revolutionized the way universities work with international applicants from interest to enrolment. Launched in 2011, DreamApply has fine-tuned the process of international admissions for 150+ institutions from 20 countries to support internationalization strategies of HEIs. DreamApply was built on detailed analysis of more than 100 international HEIs which paved the way for an easily customizable and user-friendly admission management software.

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