12 Dream Broker Case Studies

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Read 12 Case Studies from Dream Broker customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Alko Staff and Management Highly Praise New Innovative Online Video-Based Instructions and Internal Communication
  • CTube Revolutionizes Castren & Snellman’s Internal Communication and Training
  • The Central Finland Health Care District Saves Tens of Thousands of Euros with Online Video Training
  • DNA Faster, bolder and more straightforward communication with 1 600 employees
  • Eltel Trained Its Entire Personnel to Use Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 with Video Instructions
  • Envirotainer uses online videos to ensure the quality of active cold chain management process
  • K-Group From Strategy to Action With Online Video
  • LeanLinking wishes a broader and more user friendly customer support through the use of tutorial videos
  • Pågen Uses Online Video to Reach and Connect with 1400 Employees Spread Across the Nordics
  • Roadscanners Uses Online Videos for Customer Instructions
  • Cyber Secure Video Communication builds trust, reach and impact at Visma
  • Using Online Video to engage staff and share best practices

About Dream Broker

Dream Broker is a Finnish online video software company. They revolutionise communication in a fun, natural and productive way, with video. Their cloud-based software, Dream Broker Studio, enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos. Dream Broker Studio provides customers the highest level of Cyber Security, Information and Data Security and GDPR+ level compliance.

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