15 Adstage Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from real Adstage users sharing their business challenges and results after using Adstage software.

  • Time spent pulling reports reduced from 50% to 20% per resource
  • Automating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns to Boost Performance
  • Saving 15 hours a week with white-label reports and flexible views across all accounts
  • BusinessOnline saved over 960 hours on reporting with AdStage's API and achieved up to 5X higher click-through rate for their clients on LinkedIn
  • Hired achieved 3X growth on all advertising channels and decreased cost per lead by 30%, using AdStage to understand the ROI across networks and allocate budgets more efficiently
  • A digital marketing agency saved 5+ hours a week on reporting to focus on growth
  • Cross-channel dashboard reports for all their clients in a snap
  • Keypath Education lowered cost per student enrollment by 21% and increased website conversions by 62% with automated dayparting rules powered by AdStage
  • 10x the number of clients under management, 12+ hours per week and thousands of dollars saved, all thanks to the power of AdStage
  • Global fashion retailer boosts revenue by 108% and decreases cost per acquisition by scaling campaigns with automated rules
  • OrionCKB saved over 5 hours per week while driving down acquisition costs and generating more website conversions for its client
  • Pearson grew student enrollment at a lower cost by using departing to optimize conversion
  • Prolifik Marketing puts an end to overspending
  • Valet Health expertly manages a complicated client structure
  • Hours saved means more business and an increase in revenue

About Adstage

Adstage is an SF based SaaS company dedicated to getting marketers information so they can make the best decisions possible (when it comes to their paid marketing at least!) AdStage creates paid media analytics & optimization software. Their goal is to enable marketers to view, analyze, and act on cross-channel ad data in one platform. Get your ad data in one view and take action at scale.

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