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21 Cumul.io Case Studies

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Read 21 Case Studies from users in the Information Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Beeple Helps Users Report Easily on Their HR Data
  • How Codefever Uses Data for Success
  • How Commspace Makes Integrated Dashboards Easy to Manage
  • How We Troubleshoot in Real-time With Cumul.io
  • How Cospecto Tackles Client-facing Reporting With Cumul.io
  • How Technology Is Joining Forces to Help Yourneighbours
  • Citizens Are Researching the Effects of Heat in Their Own Gardens
  • We Empower Our Teams With Data Thanks to Cumul.io
  • How Integrated Dashboards Improve the Customer-agency Relationship at Field & Concept
  • How Forganiser Keeps Track of Workforce Planning With Cumul.io
  • How Intent Technologies Drastically Reduced the Time to Develop Analytics
  • How Ireachm Stays Up-to-date With Cumul.io Dashboards
  • How Leasetrack Selected Cumul.io After Comparing Over 20 Bi Platforms
  • Nexxworks Improving the Operational Flow With Cumul.io, Teamleader & Yuki
  • How Phirater Helps Users Report Easily on Their Logistics Data
  • How Prosoccerdata Built Their Data Stack With Cumul.io & Panoply
  • How Selligent Marketing Cloud Built an Actionable Reporting Module for Marketers
  • The Belgian Municipalities in Numbers Thanks to Statbel & Cumul.io
  • How Timewax Implemented a Scalable Reporting Module in Their Saas Application
  • How Retailer Wara Became a Data-driven Organization
  • How Workero Offers Reporting at Scale With Cumul.io

About Cumul.io

Cumul.io drives product innovation, and embed white-labeled dashboards in your SaaS application or portal. Cumul.io's powerful analytics platform lets you build interactive dashboards with simple drag & drop, and integrate them in your own application in less than 100 lines of code.

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