26 CloudFactory Case Studies

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Read 26 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Making recycling easy with reliable annotation quality control
  • Azavea and CloudFactory Partners on Quality Training Data and Social Impact
  • Bizly found the perfect workforce to help it expand its event planning platform to over 18,000 venues
  • Driver Technologies Helps Protect the World’s Motorists
  • Launching a groundbreaking app with agile data enrichment
  • Financial services company leveraged a managed workforce to improve turnaround time from days to just minutes with 99% accuracy
  • Expanding affordable mapping with high-quality data annotation
  • Automating the contract process with document annotation
  • CloudFactory Helps Hummingbird Technologies Farm for the Future
  • Delivering high-quality end user experiences with workforce support
  • Scaling insurance quote capacity with reliable transcription
  • Taking autonomous vehicles to new distances with expert 3D annotation
  • With CloudFactory image annotation, Matterport can focus on helping customers create interactive 3-D digital twins
  • Medical AI company stays ahead of the curve by labeling 24,000 images in 6 months.
  • Growing geospatial applications with quality training data
  • Delivering data insights with near real-time aerial image labeling
  • Transforming pictures of cells into hard data through annotation
  • Powering college dreams with efficient data enrichment
  • Improving model results with quality data annotation
  • Spokeo transcribed 200 Million Handwritten Census Records for its People Search Engine
  • For SureHire Occupational Testing Expert, CloudFactory Was The Smartest Choice Under The Sun
  • Sylvera brings transparency to the carbon-offset market with AI
  • With CloudFactory data enrichment, agtech company Tractor Zoom has grown from advertising $2B to $5B in assets annually
  • Building a better chatbot with text annotation services
  • V7 Labs & CloudFactory Release Annotated X-Ray Dataset to Aid in COVID-19 Research
  • Powering up data extraction with flexible image annotation

About CloudFactory

CloudFactory is on a mission to change how work gets done. They using technology to making it super easy and affordable for startups and fast growing companies to automate and outsource routine back-office data work. They offer a massive virtualized workforce that can be tapped into three ways, by people, process or project.

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