8 Captora Case Studies

Company Size

Read 8 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • AppDynamics Leverages Captora to Automate and Scale Digital Campaigns
  • BlueJeans Leverages Captora to Hit Growth Goals
  • DocuSign Uses Captora to Scale New Buyer Trials From Organic and Paid Search Channels
  • Innotas leverages Captora to Get in in Front of the Right Buyers at the Right Time
  • Marketo Leverages Captora to Deliver Pipeline Growth
  • MongoDB used Captora to ramp their SEO/SEM programs without increasing headcount
  • Host Analytics Leverages Captora to Accelerate Pipeline Growth
  • Adaptive Marketing: Beating Pipeline Goals @ ServiceMax

About Captora

Captora helps marketers intelligently scale and optimize digital marketing campaigns that accelerate pipeline and capture new buyers before your competition. Beat future pipeline/revenue goals while improving the cost of acquiring those new customers (CAC).

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