25 MuddyBoots Case Studies

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Read 25 Case Studies from real MuddyBoots users sharing their business challenges and results after using MuddyBoots software.

  • Agrovista Collaborates With Farmers, Producers And Food Processors
  • Optimising Supply Chains With Greenlight Assessments
  • 1,100 Assessments Completed Every Day Using Greenlight Quality Control
  • Cutting Intake Rejection Rate By 50%
  • Using Grower Management To Connect Their Agronomists Across The Country
  • Shelf Life Leads To Consumer Satisfaction
  • New Technology Means The Coast Is Clear For Coastal Avocados
  • Muddy Boots Wins The Coles I.T. Vendor Of The Year Award
  • Reduced Rejections, Enhanced Reputation & A Stronger Bottom Line
  • Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers
  • Frontier Harnesses Software To Work More Collaboratively With Customers
  • Greencell Gives The Green Light To Muddy Boots
  • Holman Fresh Monitors Product Consistency With Greenlight Quality Control
  • 50% Reduction In Time Spent On Label Checks
  • Audit Management Transformed By Greenlight Assessments
  • Significant Time Savings And Increased Accuracy
  • Morrisons Transforms Real-Time Decision Making Across The Food Supply Chain
  • Orchard House Improves Supply Chain Visibility With Greenlight Supplier Approval
  • Australian Supplier Using Muddy Boots Technology Reduces Rejections To 0.5%
  • Sainsbury’s Invests In “Best-In-Class” Compliance Tool From Muddy Boots
  • Driving Sustainability Agenda with Suppliers
  • UNIVEG Gets Greenlight For Supply Chain Efficiency
  • UNIVEG Group Uses Greenlight Supplier Approval To Work In The Most Efficient Way
  • Waitrose Simplifies Quality Management With Our Iphone And Ipad App
  • Easily And Efficiently Manage Compliance Data With Greenlight Supplier Approval

About MuddyBoots

MuddyBoots create innovative software for the food supply chain. This gives customers insight into the performance of their suppliers on the quality, compliance and provenance of their products. With greater transparency from grower to retailer their customers can mitigate risk and improve efficiency for the benefit of all stakeholders; contributing to a more sustainable future for food and farming.

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