11 Decentro Case Studies

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Read 11 Case Studies from users in the Financial Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How 1Bridge Streamlined Collections & Reconciliation With Decentro
  • How does Bimaplan, one of the fast-growing insurtech companies, streamline insurance claims and prevent fraud
  • How FamPay Strengthened Their KYC Process
  • How Gromo Enabled Instant Bank Account Verification
  • How KUWY Optimized Instant Automotive Loans with Decentro
  • Streamlining Credit For Consumers By 10x With MoneyTap
  • How OcareNeo, digital health bank, simplified payments & collections using Decentro
  • How is Saraloan reshaping supply chain finance with 10X optimized operations, & at 90% reduced expenses
  • How Workflexi Fast-tracked Gig Economy Payments & Settlements
  • How ZeroBalance Instantly Generates Free-trial Virtual Cards Without Breaking A Sweat
  • How Zoozle Simplified Collections & Payouts

About Decentro

Decentro has been born both from a personal pain point that the founder faced while running his previous venture, as well as a major hurdle that they have seen across the fin-tech industry. When his first company tried to integrate banking APIs for simple money transfer (IMPS / NEFT), it took them north of 5 months just to get to a stable production setup. Turns out this is a common challenge for all Neo-banks, Fin-techs and Insur-techs who need to interact with the core banking system or any third party APIs like KYC / AML and more.

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