20 Arena Solutions Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from real Arena Solutions users sharing their business challenges and results after using Arena Solutions software.

  • How Did Affirmed Networks Reduce ECO Cycles by 90%
  • Air International Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Outsourcing Costs
  • Why Quality Execs Prefer an all-in-One Product Development Platform
  • How did Blast Motion Reduce Errors 75%
  • Embracing Enterprise-Wide Accountability to Be the Best
  • Enhancing Quality and Compliance Processes With a Global, Unified System
  • Improving Product Visibility Across Design and Manufacturing
  • Accelerating Product Development Across the Globe
  • Reducing Design and Production Errors With Cloud PLM
  • Accelerating the Path From Prototype to Production
  • Driving Quality Across Supply Chain to Highest Levels
  • Gaining Full Control and Traceability of the Product Record
  • Speeding Up the Customer Feedback Loop
  • Tracking Product Progress Against Company Priorities
  • PLM Speeds Development to Transform Solar Power Tracker Technology
  • How Nutanix Reduced BOM Errors to Absolute Zero
  • Picarro Gains Visibility, Traceability, and Control with Centralized Product Record
  • Achieving Commercialization and Compliance Success
  • Achieving Closed-Loop Design Control Across the Organization
  • RefleXion Medical Establishing Design Control Processes for Today and the Future
  • Establishing a Compliant Foundation for Defense Product Development
  • Building a Compliant Foundation for Commercialization Success
  • Delivering Innovative Technologies to the Defense Industry
  • How Arena Helped Swan Valley Medical Face Auditors With Confidence

About Arena Solutions

Arena, a PTC Business help companies design, produce, and deliver innovative products quickly with our unified PLM and QMS platform. We understand that modern product companies rely on distributed teams and global supply chains to develop products and ensure regulatory compliance for FDA, ISO, ITAR, EAR, and environmental compliance. With Arena’s proven cloud solutions, your internal teams and external partners can leverage the most comprehensive product development platform to accelerate product launches while reducing expenses, increasing profitability, and speeding the time to market. For more information, visit ArenaSolutions.com.

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