13 Arbutus Software Case Studies

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Read 13 Case Studies from real Arbutus Software users sharing their business challenges and results after using Arbutus Software software.

  • Using Advanced Analytics to Prevent Losses, Tighten Controls and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Large Multinational Company - Customer Case Study
  • Large Public Utility Company - Customer Case Study
  • Largest Food and Drug Retailing Company - Customer Case Study
  • Largest Food Service Distributing Company - Customer Case Study
  • Leading Energy and Utility Company - Customer Case Study
  • Finding Fraud at a Fortune 500 Company
  • Using LegacyLink to Get Mainframe Data into Windows at a Government Agency
  • ME Elecmetal Net Sales +US$ 800million Globa0l Supplier of Solutions for Mining Increases Productivity with Continuous Auditing and Monitoring
  • Enhanced Audit Performance Through Automation and Continuous Monitoring
  • National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) is an independent non-profit institute that focuses on most critical research areas
  • Switching to Arbutus for Faster, more Agile Analytics Support and Deployment
  • US Energy Infrastructure Company - Customer Case Study

About Arbutus Software

Arbutus Software provides the best in audit and data analysis technology. Since 2003, they have been innovating and delivering specialized data analysis technology to their users. Their technology helps organizations test internal controls and perform audit tests. Today, they offer auditors the very best in audit analytics. Their goal is to exceed your expectations about what a technology vendor should be. Arbutus technology is based on 30 years of software innovation and development. It is designed to provide auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators with the very best in data analysis technology.

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