22 Appenate Case Studies

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Read 22 Case Studies from real Appenate users sharing their business challenges and results after using Appenate software.

  • Amey - Customer Case Study
  • Australian State Government Regulator - Customer Case Study
  • How Appenate has helped improve building operations by introducing mobile technology
  • Appenate has set up their partners for success all while maintaining their privacy & data integrity
  • What teams have built using Appenate to speed up rescue efforts
  • Enterprise X - Customer Case Study
  • How Geeks R Good helped a client get their safety incident reporting rate up by providing a clean and easy to use app with Appenate
  • How she found Appenate and how it’s impacted her clients and her consulting business
  • Heidelberg has been using Appenate for the past two years to assist with their process standardization and infrastructure support services both in the UK and internationally
  • They explore KAS Consulting’s journey with Appenate and how several challenges were overcome with custom solutions
  • How Appenate has helped improve healthcare processes while ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • How Appenate created accountability within the security industry
  • How one of our Solution Resellers built a strong and successful business using the Appenate platform as a base
  • A New Zealand Health & Safety Solution Provider
  • How they’ve benefited from their eight-year subscription to Appenate, including how they attained ISO 45001 certification
  • Partner R - Customer Case Study
  • How Appenate has been leveraged to save time, money, and streamline council processes
  • Appenate has helped Rassaun Services streamline their business processes through increased efficiency and accuracy in their data collection and field work activities
  • Appenate has replaced a bespoke app to provide flexibility, a multitude of capabilities, and cost savings as the network installation and hosting company expands
  • How the use of Appenate has significantly improved productivity in the property sector
  • Unique Personalservice has been using Appenate to assist in their time tracking and overall digital transformation process
  • Zebra - Customer Case Study

About Appenate

A no-code platform for creating data-driven apps to replace paper forms across all industries. Use our affordable drag-n-drop software to schedule, dispatch, track & manage jobs. Create quotes, checklists or reports & easily integrate with existing systems. Enforce accountability, cost-saving & efficiency via our dashboard overview. FREE trial offered to test GPS, barcode scanning, signature & drawing, media & attachment upload, formulas, push notifications, white label & offline capabilities.

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