5 Alight Analytics Case Studies

Company Size

Read 5 Case Studies from real Alight Analytics users sharing their business challenges and results after using Alight Analytics software.

  • How Colle Mcvoy Accelerated Its Agency’s Marketing Analytics
  • How Gatesman Proves Performance with Agency Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics as an Agency Profit Center
  • How Tinuiti produces pinpoint-accurate insights while managing data from more than 100 sources
  • How True Media Turned Analytics Into a Profit Center

About Alight Analytics

Alight Analytics® delivers advertising agencies and brands powerful, actionable marketing analytics through ChannelMix®, the world’s first marketing data management platform. ChannelMix eliminates cumbersome data gathering by combining online data, offline data, sales data and custom data sources together systematically for a single source of truth, reducing the hours marketers spend each day prepping data for reporting. As a pioneer in the space, Alight has been helping marketers end the “Data Death March™” since 2007.

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