4 Marseli Case Studies

Company Size

Read 4 Case Studies from real Marseli users sharing their business challenges and results after using Marseli software.

  • Improving revenue contribution and reporting efficiencies.
  • Deeper and faster insights into performance metrics
  • Gaining actionable insights into the opportunity pipeline
  • Analytics provide validation and guidance to better allocate marketing resources

About Marseli

Marseli makes managing sales and marketing operations faster, smarter, accurate and affordable. The Marseli solution delivers the hard-to-get analytics to every-day sales and marketing operations leaders at a price they can afford. Sales operations has the insight they need to help improve revenue performance and marketing operations can turn more marketing dollars into revenue dollars with enhanced sales pipeline performance intelligence. Marseli is a privately held company founded by Frank Donny, a marketing and sales performance improvement veteran who started the company based on his own frustrations in using CRM systems and the lack of the right intelligence needed to run successful sales and marketing operations teams.

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