14 Citus Data Case Studies

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Read 14 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Agari Uses CitusDB to Secure More Than 85% of U.S. Consumer Emails
  • With Citus, Algolia Speeds Up Search Analytics & Eradicates Database Management Headaches
  • Chartbeat Delivers Historical Reporting & Content Intelligence to Digital Publishers with Citus Cloud
  • CloudFlare Powers Real-Time Analytics on 100s of TB of Data from Over 4 Million Websites with CitusDB
  • ConvertFlow Delivers Real-Time Analytics to Marketers Using the Citus Cloud Database
  • Copper Powers SaaS Growth by Scaling Out Postgres with Citus Cloud
  • Freshworks Powers Real-Time Chat Analytics with the Citus Cloud Database
  • Heap Powers Advanced Web & Mobile Analytics on Massive Amounts of Data With Citus
  • Kixer Uses Citus To Manage Analytics for Web Publishers and Internal Business Teams
  • MixRank Uses CitusDB for High Performance & Cost Savings
  • With Citus, PersistIQ Can Focus on Their Application & Forget About Their Database
  • Pex Powers Ultra-Fast, Accurate Content Search With Citus and Google Cloud
  • PushOwl Uses Citus Cloud to Scale Out Postgres & Speed Up Analytics Queries
  • Sportradar’s Radar360 Powers Real-Time Sports Analytics Using the Citus Database

About Citus Data

Citus Data is venture backed by Khosla Ventures and Data Collective. At Citus Data, ​​their ​​mission ​​is ​​to ​​make ​​it ​​so ​​developers ​​never ​​have ​​to ​​worry ​​about ​​scaling ​​their database again. ​​Citus is worry-free Postgres that is built to scale out. Made for SaaS companies and enterprises, Citus ​​is ​​an ​​extension ​​to ​​Postgres ​​that transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database. Their Citus database ​​is ​​available ​​as open source, as​​ enterprise ​​software you can run anywhere, ​​and ​​as ​​a fully-managed database as a service.

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