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  • Apex.AI

    Apex.AI are alumni from top automotive, robotics, and software companies and are experts in using modern C++ to build real-time software for safety-critical systems, modern software engineering…

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  • BlueSnap

    BlueSnap provides an All-in-one Payment Platform designed to accelerate commerce for B2B and B2C businesses. Their Platform supports online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice…

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  • eBridge Connections

    eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based accounting integration solutions that connect and automate vital business processes. The eBridge universal integration platform supports an ever…

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  • Google Cloud Platform

    Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since their founding in 1998, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a…

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  • Marfeel

    Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites. As mobile traffic increases and surpasses desktop volumes, publishers are required…

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  • Postman

    Postman is used by over 6M users and 200K companies worldwide and supports every aspect of API development including designing and mocking, debugging, automated testing, documentation, monitoring,…

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  • Zapier

    Zapier (YC S12) gives people internet superpowers by letting them easily connect and automate the apps they use. Partners, including Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox, utilize Zapier to offer…

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