2 ECi Acsellerate Case Studies

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Read 2 Case Studies from real ECi Acsellerate users sharing their business challenges and results after using ECi Acsellerate software.

  • Commercial Office Environments - Customer Case Study
  • Accelerate Business Intelligence CRM drives this opportunity-seeking office supply dealer

About ECi Acsellerate

ECi Acsellerate is a business unit of ECi Software Solutions, and the market leader in on-demand sales and business intelligence. Proven successful by over 500 independent companies, Acsellerate is easy-to-use and fully integrated with your back office system. Acsellerate offers a powerful combination of web-based analytics, advanced reporting, integrated CRM, and customer intelligence applications. Acsellerate leverages technology to process and interpret your data nightly, providing instant access to vital information about your business. By proactively delivering information to your sales and management team, they help you acquire new business and retain your best customers, while uncovering opportunities for profitable growth.

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