36 AgencyBloc Case Studies

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Read 36 Case Studies from real AgencyBloc users sharing their business challenges and results after using AgencyBloc software.

  • How ABC Insurance Services smoothly and effectively migrated their large database of clients and 20,000+ prospects over to AgencyBloc
  • How AgencyBloc helped Agent Equity Group save $50,000 annually and grow their book of business by 40%.
  • Altura Benefits's experience migrating their data over to AgencyBloc from Vertafore
  • Boomer Benefits - Customer Case Study
  • Brystra Insurance Services originally chose AgencyBloc and where they are now, 6 years later
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific AMS helps Business Benefits, Inc. save 40 hours and $4,000 a month
  • Comfort Insurance & Finances - Customer Case Study
  • How CSNW Benefits leverages AgencyBloc's tools like Sales Pipeline, Automated Workflow, and the Commission Module to save time and streamline their processes
  • How D&S Agency is able to leverage AgencyBloc's carrier statement import tool to gain back 250 hours and save $4,000 every year
  • Davenport & Associates - Customer Case Study
  • How Earn It Agent utilizes AgencyBloc and its features to increase client communication, save time locating client information, and cut client churn in half
  • How AgencyBloc helps F.A.R.E. Healthcare save an entire day each week in time spent on commissions, running reports, and updating client files
  • Foy Benefits - Customer Case Study
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific CRM helps GRA Benefits Group save 50 hours a month and $11,000 a year with workflow automation
  • How Group Benefits, Ltd. is now able to compete with competitors' and carriers' time frames for commissions processing
  • Harvey Insurance Group - Customer Case Study
  • Health Insurance Store - Customer Case Study
  • How Hovis & Associates uses Sales Pipeline, Automated Workflow, and the Commission Module to create notable time and money savings
  • Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd. - Customer Case Study
  • How Insurance Advocates uses AgencyBloc to create an efficient and understandable workflow amongst their team
  • How Insurance Marketing Group/Senior Security Benefits is able to manage their 7,000+ agents with AgencyBloc
  • InsureOne Benefits - Customer Case Study
  • How JTS Financial's commission team is able to gain over 90 hours back every month, cut commissions processing time by almost 75%, and save nearly $33,000 every year
  • How Milz Health Group saves over 100 hours every renewal period with AgencyBloc
  • Montgomery & Graham - Customer Case Study
  • How AgencyBloc helps Morrison Insurance Services save 30% of their time on internal communication
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific CRM helps Next Step Insurance manage and track their group business, reduce their time spent inputting and finding information by 80%, and save $4,000 annually on running reports
  • How AgencyBloc helps Northwest Farmer-Stockman Inc. save 40 hours and over $3,000 dollars a month in time on agent calls, locating information, printing, and mailing documentation
  • Parks Insurance - Customer Case Study
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific AMS helped Business Benefits, Inc. save 75% of their time processing commissions and boost sales 10% YOY
  • How Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.'s agents are able to operate much more efficiently and access their information from anywhere
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific AMS helps Senior Connection reduce time spent creating and running reports by 75% and gain back $6,000 and 45% of their time spent on customer service during AEP
  • How Sonic Insurance was able to double their agent force and increase their bottom line 100% in a year with AgencyBloc
  • How AgencyBloc's industry-specific CRM helped The Brokerage Inc.'s IMO grow 34% in sales, increase their number of agents by 58%, and uncover over $40,000 in missing compensation
  • How they leverage AgencyBloc’s tools like Sales Pipeline, Automated Workflow, and the Commission Module to save time and grow their business
  • How William Avon Financial uses AgencyBloc to help drive profitability and significantly increase efficiency

About AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc supports life and health insurance agencies with a suite of industry-specific solutions and services, including Sales Enablement, Quoting, Client and Policy Management, Commissions Processing, and more.

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