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  • Grayscale

    Grayscale is the first and only Conversational Recruiting platform. Leverage real-time messaging apps (text message, Facebook, web chat, Slack, etc. and intelligent chatbots to drive engagement,…

    Text Recruiting Software
  • Mercer Mettl

    At Mercer I Mettl, our mission is to enable organizations to build winning teams by making credible people decisions across two key areas: Acquisition and Development. Since our inception in 2009, we…

    Text Recruiting Software
  • Modern Hire

    Modern Hire helps customers continually improve hiring across the enterprise through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. They are innovators,…

    Text Recruiting Software
  • TextRecruit

    TextRecruit is a candidate and employee engagement platform that leverages text, chat and AI to optimize the hiring funnel. Their platform serves some of the largest employers in the world including…

    Text Recruiting Software
  • Workstream

    Workstream is an automated hiring platform for companies employing hourly workers retail, restaurants, cafes, logistic companies, hospitality firms, and on-demand startups. They are more than a B2B…

    Text Recruiting Software