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  • AllyO

    As the most funded and highest valued AI for HR company, worldwide, AllyO has partnered with 15% of The Fortune 50 to automate talent acquisition and management. Backed by tier 1 investors such as…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Eightfold

    Eightfold is inspired by the ancient philosophy of the Eightfold Path that empowers people to pursue a path of their choosing, encourages them to learn, unlearn, and develop the core skills they need…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • hireez

    hireEZ is an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform to help you break free from outdated recruiting systems and help jobs find people. With hireEZ, you can execute a strategically scalable approach…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Ideal

    At their mission is to help salespeople find their ideal career. They start by understanding an individual’s unique selling style and then matching them to a company and role where they…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Mya

    Mya is the leading conversational AI recruiter. The solution helps hiring teams scale their sourcing efforts, screen and shortlist large applicant pools, automate the scheduling process, provide…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Paradox

    Paradox is the leading HR Assistive Intelligence platform transforming global talent experience for 200 talent-centric companies. Paradox is the AI company that believes recruiting is a people game.…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Talkpush

    Talkpush is the first conversational recruitment software. It is designed to make recruitment faster, more real-time, more conversational, and to get AI bots to work for recruiters. Talkpush is used…

    AI Recruiting Software
  • Textio

    Textio is the augmented writing platform that tells you who will respond to your writing based on the language you have included in it and gives you guidance to improve it. The first product, Textio…

    AI Recruiting Software