7 FOSSA Case Studies

Company Size

Read 7 Case Studies from real FOSSA users sharing their business challenges and results after using FOSSA software.

  • Automating Audit-Grade Open Source Compliance Reports
  • JS Foundation chooses FOSSA as the Open Source License Certification Provider
  • From License Compliance to Security Moonfare’s Open Source
  • How Puppet Saves Hundreds of Hours a Year on Open Source Compliance
  • How SmartThings runs IoT open source compliance across dozens of releases per day
  • CI/CD and Open Source Compliance at Scale
  • How Zendesk Automated Workflows and Simplified Compliance


FOSSA's flagship product helps teams track the open source used in their code and automate license scanning and compliance. Since then, over 3000 open source projects (Kubernetes, Webpack, Terraform, ESLint) and companies (Docker, Tesla, Mapbox, Hashicorp) rely on FOSSA's tools to ship software. If you are in the software industry today, you're now using code that runs FOSSA. Open Source has become a critical supplier for modern software companies, changing everything about how people think about their code. FOSSA builds the infrastructure for modern teams to be successful with open source.

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