58 EPAM Continuum Case Studies

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Read 58 Case Studies from real EPAM Continuum users sharing their business challenges and results after using EPAM Continuum software.

  • ArtCenter partnered with Continuum to envision the future of ArtCenter's campus experience
  • Medical startup Avedro sought to commercialize a device that would reshape the cornea with a low-energy microwave innovation
  • The global banking giant approached Continuum with a lofty challenge
  • Continuum and Bertucci's considered Millennials' dining habits and developed a new restaurant concept
  • We helped Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay use design thinking to address their recruitment and retention issues
  • Boston College needed a partner to align divergent perspectives and guide a well-respected institution to redefine their core curriculum for the 21st century
  • Boston Planning & Development Agency - Customer Case Study
  • Boston Public Schools partnered with Continuum to envision what the high school of the 21st century might look like
  • CGAP - Customer Case Study
  • By creating a flexible platform for testing domestic innovations, we were quickly able to advance and prioritize the future of home design.
  • Chili's partnered with Continuum to differentiate from the noise in the casual dining space
  • China CITIC Bank, one of the country’s largest commercial banks, approached Continuum to design a flagship branch in Guangzhou
  • Daekyo partnered with Continuum to introduce a new education service experience in Korea
  • Daisy partnered with Continuum to innovate new packaging for a classic product
  • Daktari Diagnostics - Customer Case Study
  • Dental Wings - Customer Case Study
  • Emart partnered with Continuum to create a retail and experience space for kids as a top-of-mind destination for families in Korea
  • Fairfield University - Customer Case Study
  • Fastweb - Customer Case Study
  • Continuum and Fisher-Price partnered to envision parenting in the future
  • What if we could grant chair-bound people the freedom to move around as they please, regardless of nature’s conditions
  • Haier sought to create a fridge that would meet the needs and desires of its upwardly mobile consumers, and set Continuum the task of creating the product that would delight and serve them best
  • Herman Miller sought to foster true collaboration in contemporary offices. To find the solution, they partnered with Continuum to produce the Exclave suite of products
  • Holiday Inn partnered with Continuum to envision a new spatial experience for the brand
  • Iluminage, a Unilever brand, partnered with Continuum to bring clinical skin care into the home
  • Insulet Corporation - Customer Case Study
  • Reimagining the customer experience to position Jamba for a healthy future
  • Continuum partnered with Jana Care to develop a low-cost blood glucometer that could capture glucose readings and transfer this data using any smartphone device
  • Kaiser Permanente - Customer Case Study
  • The Massachusetts Department of Transportation approached EPAM Continuum to help them craft a rider-centric approach to engaging the public
  • Designed to be smart, quiet, and convenient, Sonata offers Medela’s best at-home breast pumping experience yet
  • Mercy sought Continuum’s help to deliver a best-in-class patient experience consistently and effectively across their network
  • Global medical device company Mindray partnered with our Continuum team to enable better care delivery through a revolutionary patient monitor
  • MIT Media Lab - Customer Case Study
  • EPAM Continuum partnered with the MFA to design a strategy to engage both current and future audiences, increase member retention, and create a unified, thematic, and resonant experience
  • We designed and prototyped a mobile-enabled loan repayment service to help Jordanian bank customers repay their microloans
  • Nestlè Perugina - Customer Case Study
  • In order to position the New England Aquarium as a hub of community engagement, the Aquarium asked Continuum to help envision the ideal visitor journey
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Customer Case Study
  • Philips Respironics partnered with Continuum to create a CPAP device that delivers comfortable sleep apnea treatment in a way that is more intuitive and less obtrusive to the patient
  • Procter & Gamble - Customer Case Study
  • Procter & Gamble - Customer Case Study
  • Procter & Gamble - Customer Case Study
  • EPAM Continuum - Customer Case Study
  • Rather than building another shoe with a spring in the soles, our team approached the challenge through a design-thinking lens
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility team at Samsung Electronics started Tomorrow Solutions, a nationwide competition in Korea, to uncover and advance powerful new ideas to solve social problems
  • SEA wanted passengers to spend more quality time across their journey to the gate. So they partnered with EPAM Continuum to redesign this experience
  • The Seoul metropolitan government partnered with Continuum to revitalize the city’s fashion ecosystem
  • Merging physical and digital experiences to enable senior drivers to stay safe on the road longer.
  • Southwest Airlines worked with Continuum to improve the in-airport customer experience
  • Turner Entertainment Network - Customer Case Study
  • We helped UCAR establish itself as a trail-blazing service provider within the ride-hailing industry
  • UNICEF Lebanon - Customer Case Study
  • UHC wanted to help members quickly resolve their medical issues so they could focus on what mattered most
  • Universidad Continental was going through massive changes and needed to establish a new paradigm for education as a social ladder in Peru
  • We helped WSE envision their future communities by amplifying teachers at the center to create new services that connect alumni with students
  • Designing a format for two-way conversation programs on Antimicrobial Resistance, to empower citizens to create local solutions and to influence national strategies
  • XKD worked with Continuum to create a new brand and store design, explore ways to offer a holistic omnichannel experience, and create new revenue sources

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EPAM Continuum’s diverse, integrated consulting teams apply a Systems Thinking mindset to get to the heart of Their clients’ increasingly complex business challenges. Their business, experience, technology and data consultants work together to create holistic solutions that achieve meaningful, sustained impact for businesses, their employees and customers.

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