15 CPG Agency Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from CPG Agency customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • CPG Develops Key Content and Messaging That Helps Bridgestone Strengthen Their Dealer Relationships
  • CPG Designs an Innovative Employee Experience That Creates Authentic Conversations Between Employees and Leadership
  • Immersive, Experiential Learning Sessions Within Small Groups Creatively Contributing to Team Building and Brand Awareness
  • CPG Agency Leads the Charge for a Variety of Engaging Communications That Give Employees a Reason to Celebrate
  • CPG Agency Executive Produces This Event to Facilitate Social Impact by Engaging More Than 3,500 Delegates, Leaders, Celebrities and Brands
  • CPG Works Closely With ELC to Develop All Aspects of This Annual Fundraiser to Ensure It's Always an Unforgettable Evening
  • CPG Manages Creative Development, Scenic Design, Video Production and All Event Production Aspects for Goddard's Annual Experience
  • CPG helps JJ's deliver a fun, memorable experience for their franchisee owners, inspiring education, motivation and recognition with their unique flavor
  • CPG Helps Transform This Event From a Series of Presentations to Memorable, Inspiring and Motivating Experiences
  • CPG Provides End-to-end Production Services, Designing an Inspiring and Memorable Brand Experience for All Franchise/family Members
  • Sam's Club - Customer Case Study
  • CPG produces a series of Rallies across six markets, reaching more than 15,000 Southwest employees across all levels
  • CPG Agency Implements Creative Strategies Across the Brand Experience to Deliver Energy and Purpose, Empowering Managers to Grow Their Franchise
  • Tedx - Customer Case Study
  • Ulta Beauty - Customer Case Study

About CPG Agency

CPG Agency is a full-service creative, experiential engagement and marketing agency. Internal engagement is their passion. They were here to craft and deliver the stories that bring their client’s brand messages to life.

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