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WaiverForever (www.waiverforever.com) provides an efficient, secure, and unified tool for kiosk businesses to customize electronic waivers for paperless signing and storage. WaiverForever converts piles of liability waivers into digital documents that can be electronically signed. By downloading the WaiverForever app, not only can you turn your iPhone and iPad into waiver signing stations, you can also keep your business organized in the cloud forever and streamline your business by better understanding your customers through data collected by WaiverForever. They have been working with mega kiosk business owners since 2010 by providing IT solution to help small business boom.Aries App Inc. has been focusing on providing smart IT solution for small businesses worldwide. They believe that mobile has the potential to dramatically change the landscape for small businesses. Currently, AriesApp has launched WaiverForever, Tracku, TeamTrack, Outdoor Guardian and QuickSigning to make small business owner's lives easier.

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