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  • Acxiom

    Acxiom is a technology and services company that provides the data foundation for the world's best marketers. They enable people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • Criteo

    Criteo is a global performance marketing technology company that enables e-commerce companies to leverage large volumes of data to efficiently and effectively engage and convert their customers. With…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • FullContact

    FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands. We deliver the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • Infutor

    Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management. They are 100% focused on enabling brands to know everything they need to about consumers, to instantly make informed marketing and risk…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • LiveRamp

    LiveRamp provides the identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects people, data, and devices…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • Neustar

    Neustar, Inc. is the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services, enabling marketing and IT security professionals to promote and protect Neustar businesses. With a commitment to…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • TowerData

    TowerData works with marketers, database analysts and IT professionals to improve their contact databases by validating email addresses for better deliverability, providing email intelligence to…

    Identity Resolution Software
  • Zeta Global

    Zeta Global is a data-driven marketing technology company delivering 1:1 personalization at scale. They work with leading brands looking to identify, acquire, retain and grow their customer…

    Identity Resolution Software