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  • Benchmark ESG

    Benchmark ESG (the next generation of Gensuite®) enables companies to implement robust cross-functional Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Solutions – locally, globally and across diverse…

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  • Emex

    Emex is a leading EHS software solutions provider, dedicated to helping clients around the globe optimise business performance through effective compliance with environmental, health and safety…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Envizi

    Envizi is a global leader in energy and sustainability software solutions, giving organizations the tools they need to transform data into powerful insights. They help organizations navigate the…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Intelex

    Intelex is a global leader in the development and support of software solutions for Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) programs. Their scalable, web-based software provides clients with…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Kurtosys Systems Limited

    Kurtosys systems provides a unique Enterprise Content Management system for financial services firms. Trusted by the world’s leading investment brands, their platform enables financial institutions…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Locus Technologies

    Locus Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise Software-as-a-Service solutions, with a focus on EHS compliance, water quality management, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS+S)…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Measurabl

    Measurabl has become the world’s fastest growing sustainability software for the built environment. Their automation tools make it easy for more than 6 billion square feet of commercial property…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • NAVEX Global

    NAVEX Global’s comprehensive suite of ethics and compliance software, content and services helps organizations protect their people, reputation and bottom line. Trusted by 95 of the FORTUNE 100 and…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Sphera

    Sphera creates a safer, more sustainable and productive world. Their innovative cloud-based risk management platform connects an unprecedented amount of information that leads to deeper insights…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • WeSustain

    WeSustain develops software solutions for sustainability management. That way, they can support companies in measuring, improving and communicating their sustainability performance. With their…

    ESG Reporting Software
  • Worldfavor

    Worldfavor’s sustainability platform enables organizations worldwide to easily access, share, and leverage data to gain insights and make sustainable action possible – internally and through…

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