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  • Canix

    Canix is a cannabis ERP software and seed to sale platform for cannabis companies. Serving both large commercial operations and single owner-operators, Canix provides a suite of tools for cannabis…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Cova

    Cova is an award-winning, seed-to-sale compliant POS and Inventory Management solution designed to streamline cannabis retail. A compliance-first company, Cova not only meets all system requirements…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Flowhub

    Flowhub provides intuitive point of sale software, inventory management, and mobile solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Built specifically to serve the highly regulated industry, Flowhub’s…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Foottraffik

    Foottraffik, an online dispensary marketing agency, is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They started their agency in San Francisco next to some of the biggest brands in the world, like Google…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Greenbits

    Greenbits set out to empower cannabis retailers with an easy-to-manage platform. They asked shop owners about their priorities and pain points - and what would make their work lives happier and more…

    Dispensary Management Software

    Combase is the proud developer of KORONA POS, a modern cloud solution for local and franchise operations across the world. The customizable software and vast integrations allow us to cater to a…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • LeafLink

    LeafLink is the unified B2B platform for the cannabis industry that has revolutionized the way thousands of brands, distributors, and retailers manage their operations. Their industry-defining suite…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Meadow

    Meadow builds industry-leading software solutions for the modern cannabis industry. Meadow’s all-in-one dispensary management and POS system has the tools you need to efficiently run and scale your…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • MJ Freeway

    MJ Freeway’s software, MJ Platform, enables entrepreneurs and multi-state operators to manage, scale, and optimize more competitive operations at any point, or across, the entire legal cannabis…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Treez

    Treez is a market-leading, enterprise-grade business management platform offering retail automation and control for the cannabis industry supply chain. The company’s innovation benefits brands and…

    Dispensary Management Software
  • Trellis

    Trellis seed-to-sale management software ensures your operation is compliant with cannabis regulations. Their software is easy to implement and manages inventory from seed to sale. Trellis delivers…

    Dispensary Management Software