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  • Chargifi

    Chargifi empowers workplace leaders to unlock the value of hybrid working through frictionless experiences across workspaces. Chargifi powers a safe and touchless desk and room experience, using data…

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  • Cloudbooking

    Cloudbooking entered the software industry with a simple goal: To ensure organizations worldwide make the right business decisions about their two most important assets: people and space. More than…

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  • Condeco

    Condeco is born, quickly becoming the world’s leading workspace management provider. Our pioneering technology helps large organizations make sense of data and introduce flexible workspace…

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  • Envoy

    Envoy is the visitor registration product that is changing how visitors are greeted in workplaces around the world. Modern businesses are getting rid of paper sign-in books and using Envoy to provide…

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  • FM:Systems

    More than 1,500 organizations worldwide trust FM:Systems to transform their workplace experience and bring employees together in exceptional, healthy workplaces that enhance productivity and delight…

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  • OfficeSpace Software

    OfficeSpace is the platform of choice for companies trying to manage all the current disruption in the workplace. It simplifies everything from space management and social distancing to desk booking…

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  • Pronestor

    Pronestor makes managing meetings easier and more effective. By helping you maximize the use of your resources, you’ll streamline the way your entire organization works. they’ve been established as a…

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  • Robin

    Robin is a better way to manage meeting rooms, used by companies like Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos to wrangle their workplaces. It's a search engine for your office -- find and book rooms based on the…

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  • SpaceIQ

    SpaceIQ is a Silicon Valley technology company founded by seasoned business and technology leaders to help innovate and inspire the Facility Management software industry. Their platform provides…

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  • Teem

    Teem by iOFFICE provides enterprises with space scheduling and management, workplace analytics, building, and campus wayfinding, and visitor management to help cultivate workplaces that fuel…

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