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JMI Resource, Inc feel that the Lord has given them a purpose, and that purpose is exemplified through their eight standards of living and serving their community. It is their goal to ensure that they, as a company, are living by these eight standards, to help bring you, both employer and employee, the best service available. As an organization, they opened their doors in 2005 not out of drive, or will, or even passion, though they have all of those things, they opened their doors out of obedience. Their founders Marty and Christina Davenport heard the call from God to start this journey. JMI Resource their purpose is to serve God in all that they do. They know that by giving back to their community they are building and investing in something that is much larger than theirselves. God has given them a unique opportunity to be able to connect to their community through their outreach and ministry advances. They value partnering with local and national non-profit organizations that are pursing the same mission that God has given them.

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