32 Fundbox Case Studies

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Read 32 Case Studies from real Fundbox users sharing their business challenges and results after using Fundbox software.

  • Streamlining HVAC and Funding with Housecall Pro and Fundbox
  • AKHIRE - Customer Case Study
  • How ARTdeezine Uses Fundbox to Bring Clients’ Dreams to Life
  • Avenue Catering Enterprises - Customer Case Study
  • How This Designer and Print Manufacturer Used Credit to Achieve 60% Growth
  • Business Credit Expert Marco Carbajo’s Top Lessons for SMBs
  • How This Innovative Law Firm Uses Fundbox to Stay Competitive
  • How a Chocolatier Pivoted During COVID
  • How Flux Accounting Used Fundbox to Finance New Hiring
  • Guy Bauer Productions uses Fundbox to fund strategic growth and explosive success
  • Growing a Electrical Business with Jobber and Fundbox
  • How IDK Events Uses Fundbox to Stay Cash Flow-Positive During Busy Season
  • How Indosole Uses Fundbox to Save the Environment One Shoe at a Time
  • Lightwave Electrical Contractors - Customer Case Study
  • How Lumina Uses Fundbox to Build Amazing Websites and Applications
  • How a Creative Agency Pivoted During the Pandemic
  • Self-Distributing a Film with Eventbrite and Fundbox
  • Mr. Appliance Franchisee Grows Business Using Fundbox
  • Finding the Right Funding for a Lifelong Passion
  • How Northwoods Casket Uses Fundbox to Build a Green Business
  • Opportunity Construction - Customer Case Study
  • How OZGLO Uses Fundbox to Manage Cash Flow Crunches
  • How a Music Store Used Fundbox to Invest in Inventory
  • How Flex Pay Helped Corey Lafferty of Precision Art Design Make It Through a Tough Year
  • How Preservation & co. Used Fundbox to Land Its Biggest Account
  • How Proof Interactive Uses Fundbox to Get Even More Creative
  • How Small World Recruiting Uses Fundbox to Even Out Cash Flow
  • How SociallyIn Uses Fundbox to Focus on What They Do Best
  • One Marketing Agency’s Secret to Helping Previously-Underserved Clients
  • How a Real Estate Agent Used Fundbox to Secure a PPP Loan
  • This Ex-Army CEO Radically Expanded His Business in 3 Years With Fundbox
  • How The Pie Hole Got a Larger Slice of the Market

About Fundbox

Fundbox is the leading platform for small and medium-sized businesses to manage and optimize cash flow. Through its advanced data science and analytics capabilities, Fundbox taps into numerous data signals to assess customers for risk automatically and right away. Approved small and medium-sized business owners are able to access capital with a single click - funds show up in their bank account as soon as the next business day.

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