16 FocusVision Case Studies

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Read 16 Case Studies from real FocusVision users sharing their business challenges and results after using FocusVision software.

  • Global PR Planning That Keeps the Finger on the Pulse of Hot Topics Why 4media group Switched to FocusVision Decipher for Surveys
  • Child obesity understanding context, reasons and behaviors using qual & quant research
  • What Carers for People with Dementia Need to Know. Using Survey Feedback for Content Development
  • Avon partners with FocusVision to investigate the emotional impact of cosmetics among Latin American women
  • Revelation opens a window into Kazakhstani youth
  • eBay improves customer insights through personalized interview experiences
  • Using mobile digital qual to hack the snack aisle
  • How FocusVision Revelation Helped a Leading Pharmaceutical Company Deliver a Caring Touch
  • Using Mobile Diaries and Video Interviews to Get Closer to Human Influences on Medical Treatment Decisions
  • Netpop - Customer Case Study
  • How digital qual helped Pampers re-evaluate diaper sizing
  • ResearchReporter streamlines market research workflow for Roche pharmaceuticals
  • KinesisPanel helps SoapBoxSample reward the outspoken
  • Merging Quantitative Research + Qualitative Research to Reframe Our Understanding of Modern Families
  • English Football Association Wins Using FocusVision Decipher to Capture Fan Journeys
  • Millennial-friendly market research by Kinesis there’s an app for that

About FocusVision

FocusVision is the business of Customer Truth™, looking beyond the voice of the customer to understand their hearts and mind to understand how they think, feel and act. They believe that a customer's truth is the most powerful element that can be used by all business leaders to authentically understand, engage and connect with their customer. It provides the perspective of why they do what they do based on interacting with them holistically. Customer Truth™ is what connects a brand's story with their customer's story. This is what they enable their clients to do every day.

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