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Read 67 Case Studies from real Firstbeat users sharing their business challenges and results after using Firstbeat software.

  • Affecto - Customer Case Study
  • How a Brazilian Soccer Club Reached Serie a with a Focus on Sports Science
  • BMW - Customer Case Study
  • Firstbeat Helps Brazilian Soccer Club Botafogo Keep their Best Team on the Field
  • Firstbeat is an Integral Part of Our Overall Dissection of Each Players’ On and Off-ice Work
  • Understanding the Client’s Life Situation Takes Personal Training a Step Further
  • - Customer Case Study
  • Taking a Look at Firstbeat Sports at Detroit Red Wings Development Camp
  • Training Load and Recovery Monitoring at Detroit Red Wings Development Camp
  • Firstbeat Sports Allows the Individualized Monitoring of Training Loads for Each Player
  • Heart Rate Variability Measurement Supports the Promotion of Occupational Well-Being
  • Coaching from the Cloud New Approaches to Individualized Training Prescription
  • Combining the Information of Training Load and Recovery
  • Euromaster - Customer Case Study
  • EY Finland - Customer Case Study
  • FC Vaduz Integrates the Information they Get from Firstbeat Sports into Nearly Every Aspect of their Training Work
  • FC Zurich - Customer Case Study
  • Individual Well Being Plays an Important Role in Specialist Work
  • Fit4TheGame - Customer Case Study
  • Fitness Center Balanssi - Customer Case Study
  • Health and Wellness Face Off German Ice Hockey Federation Employees Explore the Impact of Working in Support of Elite Sports
  • German Ice Hockey Federation - Customer Case Study
  • Firstbeat Recovery Analysis in Giro d’Italy with the SMS and the Team Colnago CSF
  • Hertha BSC Trainer Henrik Kuchno Talks Data in the Bundesliga
  • Information on Individual Well-Being Promotes Coping at Work
  • Assessing the Recovery of HR and Research Professionals
  • Well-being Commitments Manifest as Improved Recovery
  • JJK Jyväskylä - Customer Case Study
  • JJK Jyväskylä - Customer Case Study
  • The Pre-Season Measurements Already Revealed the Upcoming Challenge in Finding the Balance Between Loading and Recovery
  • Applying Heart Rate Information in Finnish Ice-Hockey
  • JYP Jyväskylä Players Reveal the Benefits of Player Monitoring
  • Keskisuomalainen - Customer Case Study
  • KPMG Performance Clinic Helps Clients Boost Organizational Performance with Insights Provided by Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
  • The Role of a Follow-up Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in Achieving Behavior Change
  • Moventas - Customer Case Study
  • Delivering Better Healthcare Watch the Video on how NHS Ambulance Workers Improved their Well-Being
  • Golden State Warriors’ Lachlan Penfold Talks Training and Recovery Management
  • Lifestyle Assessment Paved the Way for Long Term Development of Occupational Wellness
  • Firstbeat Completes the Picture for Australian Rules Football Club Port Adelaide FC
  • Taking part in Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment What I learned
  • Real Salt Lake - Customer Case Study
  • Red Bull - Customer Case Study
  • Rochester Americans - Customer Case Study
  • Coach Ari Salo Talks Firstbeat Sports and How Physiological Monitoring Helped the Rouen Dragons Become Champions
  • Small Changes Can Result in Significant Benefits in Terms of Work Well-being
  • Over 1500 Lifestyle Assessments Made in Salo and to Be Continued
  • Protecting an NHL Player’s Greatest Asset San Jose Sharks Trainer Mike Potenza Talks Training Load Management in Pro Hockey
  • How Saracens Used Real-Time Data on the Road to Becoming Premiership Rugby Champions
  • Schwenninger Wild Wings Take the Ice with Firstbeat Better Training, Better Team
  • Checking in on SentryOne Firstbeat Follow up Continues
  • SP&Co - Customer Case Study
  • Preparing the Team for the Brazil World Cup
  • SQL Sentry Follow Up Lifestyle Assessment How are they Doing a Year Later
  • SQL Sentry Provides Incentives and Opportunities for Staff Well-being
  • How Team GB used Recovery Data to Get Results at the Winter Olympics
  • Lifestyle Assessment Carried TECA Through Organizational Changes
  • The Importance of Finding a Balance between Life’s Many Demands and the Need to Recover
  • Meanwhile in Finland Presents Firstbeat Analytics Reveal The Dudesons’ Stress Level in the Wackiest Race Ever
  • German Handball Powerhouse THW Kiel Maximizes Training Efficiency with Firstbeat Sports
  • An Expert Organization Examined the Cornerstones of their Occupational Well Being
  • The Real Time Heart Rate Response Information is a Critical Component in Our Training
  • University of South Carolina Women’s Soccer Show Why Communication is Key in Player Monitoring
  • Valparaiso University Women's Soccer - Customer Case Study
  • Valpo Women’s Soccer Coach John Marovich Efficient Training for Peak Performance
  • Vierumäki Institute of Finland - Customer Case Study
  • VR Finnish National Railways - Customer Case Study

About Firstbeat

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. They transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat analytics software based solutions are based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling, product designs and utilizing years of research with HRV methods. They have analyzed several trillions of heart beats. Their mission is to provide meaningful physiological information that helps people to improve their well-being and performance.

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