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7 EY Seren Case Studies

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Read 7 Case Studies from real EY Seren users sharing their business challenges and results after using EY Seren software.

  • Redesigning the role of digital mentoring for school leavers during Covid-19
  • Creating an innovation testbed for employee wellbeing
  • Using a digital customer experience approach to grow a large media business
  • Re-imagining the role of professional membership associations in a digital world
  • Building a ‘dream state’ customer experience for a leading telecoms provider
  • Setting the standard for UK Government digital solution delivery
  • Using new business models to help vulnerable members of our society

About EY Seren

EY Seren is an International Design Consultancy. They help clients achieve digital business transformation through a customer-centred approach to design. Digital business transformation only becomes possible when you have a deep understanding of customer need. EY Seren’s advanced research and measurement techniques allow them to gain this understanding of how customers currently interact with your business and how they could do in the future.

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