20 Endless Gain Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from real Endless Gain users sharing their business challenges and results after using Endless Gain software.

  • Auto Trader - Customer Case Study
  • How to Make It Easy for Users to Find the Right Products From a Mega Navigation Menu
  • Does Giving Too Much Choice in the Mega Menu Hurt Conversions
  • How Can You Use Self-efficacy to Motivate Users to Complete Complex Tasks
  • Why Improving Customer Experience Is the Key to Increasing Conversions
  • Optimising for Visitors Coming via Google Shopping
  • Does Showing Benefits of Buying From You Mean More Consumers Will Buy From You
  • How a Dedicated Optimisation Programme Helped Fragrance Direct Delight Their Customers
  • How Important Is Filter Functionality in Increasing Conversions
  • How Experimentation Helped Hotter Shoes Delight Their Customers
  • Do Deferred Payment Methods Encourage Users to Buy
  • How Can We Make It Easier for Users to Find the Right Products on Plp
  • Can You Use on-site Search to Persuade Users to Buy Something From You
  • How Can You Persuade Users to Sign Up for Marketing Emails
  • How Can You Help Customers Find the Information They Want
  • Lingerie Retailer - Customer Case Study
  • How Experimentation and Personalisation Are Helping Moss Bros. Deliver Smarter Customer Shopping Experiences
  • How Can You Optimise a Price Calculator to Persuade Users to Buy Expensive Products
  • How to Persuade Users to Change Their Payment Behaviour
  • How Consumer Psychology Helped Trend Micro Increase Revenues

About Endless Gain

Endless Gain is a dedicated team of highly experienced eCommerce professionals who believe they can make buying online a better experience than it currently is—for consumers and businesses alike. They believe that conversion optimisation is about improving customer experience and optimising customer journeys with your brand, rather than just changing layouts, images, colours, and CTAs, or adding pop-ups, banners, and forms.

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