3 Elastifile Case Studies

Company Size

Read 3 Case Studies from real Elastifile users sharing their business challenges and results after using Elastifile software.

  • International Manufacturer Eliminates Bottlenecks To Business Growth
  • Public Telco Accelerates IT Solutions And Expands Services Portfolio
  • International Cloud Service Provider Overcomes Infrastructure Hurdles, Future-Proofs Business

About Elastifile

Elastifile helps organizations adapt and accelerate their business in the cloud era. Powered by a dynamically scalable, enterprise-grade distributed file system with intelligent object tiering, Elastifile’s cross-cloud data fabric solves the data-centric compatibility, scalability, and mobility challenges inhibiting cloud adoption and expansion. With Elastifile, organizations can seamlessly leverage cloud resources to optimize critical workflows, with no application refactoring required thereby modernizing their infrastructure and achieving their crucial IT agility and efficiency goals.

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