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8 Elad Software Systems Case Studies

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Read 8 Case Studies from real Elad Software Systems users sharing their business challenges and results after using Elad Software Systems software.

  • Successful integration of Dynamics CRM into Derech Eretz's complex operational environment
  • Integration of the SimpleChat omnichannel support platform
  • Modern, user-friendly organizational portal for 180,000 Israeli education professionals
  • UI/UX and user advocacy for an AI-based, modular irrigation system and smart farming solution
  • Innovative self-service system and modern support interfaces for one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East
  • Customer service overhaul for one of the largest automotive companies in Israel
  • Building outsourcing tender management platform for the Israeli Ministry of Interior
  • CRM upgrade for the industry-leading service department of the "yes" satellite TV platform

About Elad Software Systems

Elad Software Systems specializes in the development, implementation, and integration of advanced technologies into business environments - leading organizations to be more competitive and efficient while maintaining strong, long-term personal relationships with customers. Elad’s Customer Engagement solutions empower dozens of companies in Israel and abroad to stay in touch with their customers anywhere, at any time. Through a suite of advanced solutions, Elad’s clients can achieve an unprecedented, 360° view of customer relationships - enabling them to streamline and improve customer interactions.

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