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31 DNA Case Studies

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Read 31 Case Studies from users in the Design industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Enabling real engagement through the Levy consultation process
  • A digital experience for people new to investing
  • Helping unify conservation efforts across the community
  • Helping businesses to understand and manage cash flow through difficult times
  • A natural language search tool to deliver better outcomes for New Zealand businesses
  • Helping businesses access the right funding at the right time
  • Protecting New Zealanders with a world-class cybersecurity reporting solution
  • Helping small business take action on climate change
  • Reimagining the Freeview TV experience
  • Grin Natural - Customer Case Study
  • Experience design driven simplicity unlocks efficiency in visa application process
  • Working with KidsCan to help stop kiwi kids going hungry at school
  • Helping make the Kiwibank website more for the people
  • Designing and delivering a world-class travel experience
  • Little Island Creamery - Customer Case Study
  • Helping generate employee experience insights that capture the many voices within an organisation
  • Helping transform the way people engage with Government
  • Helping drive employee engagement and performance in support of rapid growth
  • New Zealand Government approved supplier of digital experience professional services
  • Designing a subscription-based digital platform to attract a global fanbase
  • Evolving the all Blacks brand for the future
  • Helping design, launch and grow a world first in online electricity retailing
  • Helping transform a value-based mobile brand into a digital-first e-commerce business
  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - Customer Case Study
  • Creating a brand that is all about giving substance to the cosmetic
  • Designing a mobile app that customers love to use
  • Optimising how 
viewers discover and watch their new favourite shows
  • Wellington City Council - Customer Case Study
  • Reinventing the Wellington destination website
  • A simple site update is helping people to learn more Te Reo
  • Helping define a customer experience strategy to drive future growth

About DNA

DNA Experience Design consultancy using insight, creativity and technology to make a positive impact for government, businesses, the economy and the lives of New Zealanders. They solve large and complex challenges to help organisations transform and grow – through organisational design, employee, digital and customer experience. They provide evidence-based, human-centred and future-facing outcomes as they deliver capability building, research, journeys, strategies and solutions in collaborative working models alongside client internal teams.

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