11 Datrium Case Studies

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Read 11 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Abacus Group - Customer Case Study
  • Central Point Oregon Boosts VDI Performance and Provisions 2X Faster
  • California School District Gives Datrium an 'A' in VDI Scalability and Management Ease
  • Leading Sports Media Company Doubles Its Speed Gains 5X Capacity
  • Alaskan Firm Finds Flexibility Availability with Datrium 10X Performance for 87% Less Cost
  • Data Center Provider Gain 2.5X Better Performance and Never Touches Storage
  • NPS Cuts Application Response Time in Half Datrium Delivers 50% more Effective Capacity for Half the Cost
  • Hosting Firm Accelerates Time-to-Revenue from days to Hours, Eliminates Storage Management
  • Boosts Storage Performance By 5-10X as VDI Expands, Cost Drops by 8-10X on Datrium
  • Alaskan Bank Overcomes Cooling Space And Capacity Barriers; Increases Application Performance By 300%
  • Seattle Nonprofit Doubles VM Performance and Provisions 3X Faster

About Datrium

Datrium (@DatriumStorage) is taking data center storage from static, inflexible and inefficient – to dynamic, agile, low cost and high speed – with the Datrium™ DVX storage system. Datrium DVX is a new kind of on-premise storage system, inherently different from other arrays and hyperconverged servers. Simply put, your performance is server-local. In the Datrium DVX, the data services that are normally processed in an array controller (RAID, compression, deduplication, virtual-disk clones) run as DVX DiESL software locally on each hypervisor. This concept of server-local performance means the hosts only need drive bays for massive flash cache, not durable capacity. Built from the ground up by an impressive leadership team with deeply rooted expertise in both virtualization and storage, the result is a single system that provides simplified scaling at a lower cost

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