29 Damen Jackson Case Studies

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Read 29 Case Studies from users in the Design industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Its visual expression took ACE from being a word of ubiquity to being a word that meant business
  • Damen Jackson launched a successful medicinal marijuana brand within strict regulatory guidelines
  • Audacy - Customer Case Study
  • Homemade flavor and straight-from-the-oven freshness are reassured through immediate refrigeration
  • The competition had to keep its eye on the effective changes ReNu MultiPlus was making
  • Damen Jackson proved that an education in the arts is necessary for success in life
  • ChapStick adapted visual references from pop culture to personalize and accessorize its popular tubes
  • Cubs team up with Sloan to improve water conservation in the Arizona desert
  • The only cottage cheese that is only cottage cheese no additives, no preservatives. Maximum message. Minimum design
  • A young lady’s first foray into My own product, with help from her good friend, Tink
  • DuPont - Customer Case Study
  • Damen Jackson brought a new kind of excitement to how manufacturing facilities do business
  • Falcon Inc. - Customer Case Study
  • The Fenwick tradition of excellence regained its luster, once excellent communication came to class
  • Ultra low-profile square design blends into the home environment
  • Fisher Chef’s Natural - Customer Case Study
  • Providing a tasty combination of trend insights and whimsical brand graphics
  • The new Fisher Nut Snack packaging promotes the health conscious, always on the move lifestyle
  • Fresenius Kabi - Customer Case Study
  • Hidden Valley - Customer Case Study
  • Less is more visually, but consistency and differentiation are critical when products look similar
  • La Choy’s refreshed brand design evokes credible authenticity for this 94-year-old American brand
  • From the orchard to the shopping cart, this is freshness you can put your hands on
  • Owens Corning - Customer Case Study
  • Owens Corning Pure Safety - Customer Case Study
  • Premium Choice Carefree Kitty - Customer Case Study
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee - Customer Case Study
  • A new corporate brand led to an assembly of creative teams each with its own specialty necessary for total success
  • Solo Cup - Customer Case Study

About Damen Jackson

Damen Jackson is a strategic brand development and creative agency. They help their clients clearly define their strategic business objectives and establish a solid implementation plan, culminating in highly effective creative solutions that execute against the strategy and deeply connect with the target audience.

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