5 CrossInstall Case Studies

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Read 5 Case Studies from CrossInstall customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Glu - Customer Case Study
  • Leveling Up Results With the Facebook Playable Ad Format
  • Jam City Sees Double Digit Increases in Both LTVs and Revenue
  • Pixel Federation Sees Lift in ROI on Facebook Leveraging CrossInstall Playables
  • Playgendary Unlocks Their Untapped Potential in Google UAC, Using CrossInstall’s PrePlay Ads

About CrossInstall

CrossInstall offers a unique approach to mobile advertising as a multi-platform solution for playables through their DSP and their Creatives as a Service (CaaS). Their DSP service combines custom-built playable/interactive mobile ads with a programmatic, performance based bidder, built on highly customized technology, ensuring the ads hit the right audience. CrossInstall's ads feature rich, interactive experiences dynamically tailored to individual users via HTML5/JavaScript creatives.

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