16 Cronofy Case Studies

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Read 16 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Perfectly Synchronized Online Bookings With Appointedd
  • Real-Time Calendar Synchronization For Telemarketing With Callmonkey
  • Swift, Precise Automatic Booking Management With Coachlogix
  • Handshake Is Driving Student Engagement With Two-Way Calendar Sync
  • Effortless Calendar Management For Photographers With Iris Works
  • Eamless, Automatic Time Management With Jobadder
  • Putting Employees’ Schedules At The Heart Of HR With MHR
  • Flawless Real-Time Mentorship Program Management With Peoplegrove
  • Simple And Efficient Real-Time Interview Scheduling For HR With Personio
  • Effective Real-Time Project Management With Pinipa
  • Streamlined Online And Offline Bookings Management With Resbook
  • Enhanced Calendaring User Experience With Skyscanner
  • Smart, Reliable Calendar Synchronization With Trekksoft
  • Instant Real-Time Call Scheduling With UpCounsel
  • Advanced Mentorship Scheduling For Veterans’ Career Success With Veterati
  • Astute, Dependable Healthcare Scheduling With Zesty

About Cronofy

Cronofy Calendar API, developers work with just one API while building software that works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Office 365, Outlook.com, and Microsoft Exchange. Calendar events can even be synced across different calendar services when using Cronofy, making it easier than ever for your customers to book appointments with their clients. The Cronofy Calendar API works with old and new versions of each calendar service. It's fully documented and easy-to-use.

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