8 Click and Create Case Studies

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Read 8 Case Studies from Click and Create customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

About Click and Create

Click and Create does not represent a traditional brand building marketing firm. Instead, Click and Create looks to manage a portfolio of marketing projects for its clients that individually provide a return on investment, are limited in scope, and stay aligned with broader strategic plans. In recognition of the lack of brand loyalty in today’s market and price conscious buyers, Click and Create ignores the expensive and generally non-productive tactics of building brand through color, graphics and tag lines. Instead, they focus on results oriented work. This approach allows their clients to stay nimble, keep a focused budget and react to real world conditions rather than developing hypothetical target markets, market research and branding. In short, Click and Create would rather see its clients make money on every product that leaves the door rather than bet the farm on a new “vision.”

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