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Read 56 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Load Testing Helps Increase Efficiency of Testers from 1.5 Projects per Tester to 5 Projects per Tester
  • Test Automation integration with the POS for the world’s largest submarine sandwich shop with over 39,000 stores in over 99 countries
  • Branding Services Provider - Customer Case Study
  • Cigniti delivered Functional Testing and Compatibility Testing for a digital design agency that provides creative services to some of the world's most well-known companies
  • Test automation to strengthen a video game and entertainment software provider that operates 6700 stores across 17 countries
  • Mobile application testing, build verification, functional & regression test automation for a financial services firm that processes over 13 million transactions per day
  • Freight Carrier - Customer Case Study
  • Global Healthcare Company - Customer Case Study
  • Functional Testing Helps Global Healthcare Group Achieve Reduced Test Cycle Time and Improved End-user Confidence
  • Functional Testing and Automation for a global logistics service provider with proprietary technology platform
  • Global Mobile Security Privacy and Productivity Software Company - Customer Case Study
  • Test automation & functional testing for a global technology company that provides fast, easy and convenient transaction services to their customers through self-service ATMs
  • Comprehensive Software Testing for a business environment that connects over 20 million accounts
  • End-to-end Testing Helps Leading Low-cost Airline Deploy Multiple Production Releases in a Single Week
  • Cigniti delivered Functional Manual Testing, Interrupt Testing, Drive Testing, Regression Testing, and Performance Testing to one of the largest community banks in the South-eastern region of US
  • Test Automation of home office application & mobile application of the world’s largest submarine sandwich shop with operations in US with 5 regional centres in different continents
  • Functional and database testing for supply chain merchandising and store level solutions
  • Performance Testing for a leading car rental service provider that operates across 150 countries from 8500 locations
  • Leading Climate Control Solutions Provider - Customer Case Study
  • Test Automation Helps Leading Cosmetics Provider Achieve 70% Reduction in Test Efforts and 40% Cost Savings
  • Improved usability experience for a leading Enterprise grade Search development solution provider
  • DevOps QA Helps Leading Event Management Company Reduce Post-production Defects by 40%
  • Medical & Embedded Devices Testing Helps Leading Eye-care Devices Provider Improve Testing Coverage by 25%
  • Mobile Test Automation Helps Leading Fast Food Restaurant Franchise Reduce Efforts by 90%
  • Test Automation Helps Leading Financial Services Provider Save 80% Cost on Design Effort
  • Test Advisory Helps Leading Gas Distributor to Reduce Defect Flow to Production & Improve Test Coverage
  • Faster time to market and improved test coverage for a global technology company which enables more than 450 million transactions possible every day
  • Test Automation Helps Global Leader in Transaction Technologies Reduce Time-to-Market by 65%
  • Performance Test Center of Excellence Helps Leading Healthcare IT Organization Reduce Overall Testing Costs by 50%
  • Automated Regression suite for healthcare service providers spanning tertiary, secondary and primary care to urban, rural, and home care
  • Automated Regression Testing Helps Leading Healthcare IT Solution Provider Reduce Maintenance Costs by 90%
  • Test Automation Helps Leading Insurance Company Achieve 80% Reduction in Test Execution Time
  • Performance Testing Helps Leading Life Insurance Company Respond Within 5 Seconds for 90% of Transactions
  • Functional Testing Helps Leading Movie Service Company Minimize Critical Defects
  • End-to-end Testing Helps Leading NBFC Organization Drastically Minimize Production Issues
  • Mobile Test Automation Helps Leading Payments Processor Reduce Test Execution Time by 60%
  • Functional Testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing consultation for a financial services firm that processes over 13 million transactions per day
  • Performance Testing Helps Reduce Overall Testing Costs by 50%
  • 75% reduction in Test Life Cycle and accelerated time to market for a leading provider of consumer finance services
  • Automation Testing Helps Leading Public Pay-Media Company Reduce Overall Test Efforts by 40%
  • Advisory Services Help Leading Regional Building Society Achieve Reduced Test Cycle Time and Improved Test Coverage
  • Test Automation Helps Leading Retail ISV Achieve 80% More Test Coverage
  • Testing Web Services Helps Leading Software Company Reduce Browser Consumption of Data by 89%
  • End-to-end Test Automation Helps World’s Largest Low Cost Airline Increase Operational Efficiency by 95%
  • Compatibility testing on mobile platforms for a managed services provider which aggregates entertainment content over 120 channels
  • Load test, Longevity test and Till failure Test for a marine logistics company with a fleet of 200 vessels, facilities, tank farms, containers and terminals
  • Compatibility, Performance Testing and Test Automation for a marketing science enterprise
  • Automation and functional testing to strengthen a Sales and Operations planning service provider
  • Smart Grid Communications - Customer Case Study
  • Automation testing for a Smart Grid Communications Technology services provider
  • Cigniti delivered Functional Testing, Installation, Interactive testing across iOS and Android to strengthen a social applications developer with more than 60 million users
  • Test Automation of complex web based client application for the third largest telecommunications company in the United States
  • Functional Testing, Test Automation and TCoE implementation for an IT system that connects over 350,000 electric and over 300,000 natural gas customers
  • Performance Testing Helps World's Largest Hotel Chain Increase Revenue by 15%
  • Compatibility testing of an IT system that streamlines over 220 concurrent projects every year for an e-learning company
  • Functional Testing & PerformanceTesting Help the World’s Leading Footwear & Apparel Provider Achieve Improved Stability & Performance of Its WMS

About Cigniti Technologies

Cigniti Technologies Limited (BSE: 534758), Global Leaders in Independent Software Testing Services, is headquartered at Hyderabad, India. Cigniti’s 2200+ career testers are spread across US, UK, India, Australia, and Canada. Cigniti is the world’s first Independent Software Testing Services Company to be appraised at CMMI-SVC v1.3, Maturity Level 5, and is also ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified.

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