22 CallMiner Case Studies

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Read 22 Case Studies from CallMiner customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Afni Improves CSAT, Sales and FCR with Automated Analytics
  • Real-Time Feedback Takes Agent Performance and Compliance to New Levels
  • AXCESS Financial Finds & Stops Fraud with Interaction Analytics
  • Interaction Analytics Lead to Happier Agents & Customer Satisfaction
  • How British Gas is utilizing the power of WebChat Analytics to drive sales revenue, improve multi-chat rates and increase Net Promoter Score
  • Driving Service Excellence and Increased Revenue in the Contact Center
  • Defenders Improving Sales Agent Performance with CallMiner Interaction Analytics
  • Achieves Optimal Revenue Recovery While Remaining TCPA and FDCPA Compliant with Interaction Analytics
  • Encore Capital Group - Customer Case Study
  • Optimizes Compliance & Collector Performance with Automated CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics Scorecards
  • Improving QA Efficiency, Contact Insights, Agent Performance and Compliance Through Interaction Analytics
  • Medium Enterprise Retailing Company - Customer Case Study
  • Nationwide Credit Corporation Finds that “Silence is Not Golden” and Improves Compliance with Interaction Analytics
  • Achieving Immediate Wins in Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Experience
  • Open English Saves Time and Improves Sales Conversions
  • CallMiner Eureka helps Real Time Resolutions reduce after call work, decrease operational costs and improve call volumes in their contact center
  • A Day in the life of an Analytics Analyst at Simple Health
  • CallMiner Interaction Analytics Delivers Higher Call Center Quality at Lower Cost for Law Firm
  • Increases Revenue Collection & Accelerates Agent Development with Automated CallMiner Eureka Interaction Analytics Scorecards
  • Stoneleigh Rewards Agent Compliance with Insights from CallMiner Interaction Analytics
  • TradeGlobal Optimizes Customer Outcomes with CallMiner Eureka Customer Journey Analytics
  • USCB, Inc. - Customer Case Study

About CallMiner

CallMiner helps businesses and organizations improve contact center performance and gather key business intelligence by automating their ability to listen to every customer interaction. CallMiner’s market leading cloud-based speech analytics solution automatically analyzes contacts across all communication channels: calls, chat, email, and social. CallMiner offers real-time monitoring and post-call analytics, delivering actionable insights to contact center staff, business analysts, and executives. The results include improved agent performance, sales, operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance.

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