20 Annie Jennings Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from real Annie Jennings users sharing their business challenges and results after using Annie Jennings software.

  • Real Book Marketing Story: “I Chose Annie Because I Trusted Her & She Saw My Tremendous Potential”
  • Anne Deidre
  • Cedric Leighton Associates - Cedric Leighton Associates
  • Driving to Perfection - Customer Case Study
  • Dungeon to Sky - Customer Case Study
  • Execution Maximizer - Execution Maximizer
  • Fullistic - Customer Case Study
  • Publicity Story: “Annie Is A Powerhouse Of Honor & Integrity. I Have Always Wanted To Work With Her!”
  • Real PR Story: “Annie Opened Doors For Me That I Could Not Open For Myself” Says Author Jason Greer
  • Publicity Story: Annie Is The Only PR Firm Who Offers Guarantees!
  • James H. Holzrichter Consultancy - Customer Case Study
  • Real Story Podcast: Vladimire Calixte Says “If You Want Your Book Out There, You Have To Go With Annie Jennings
  • How Author Angelique McGlotten Created Amazon Bestseller Status For Her New Book – Process Revealed!
  • Mahoney Asset Management - Customer Case Study
  • Real Publisher Story: Why I Refer All My Authors To Annie Jennings PR
  • Peter Sacco - Peter Sacco
  • Renee Meloche - Customer Case Study
  • Publicity Story: We Unanimously Chose Annie After Searching USA
  • The United States of Pizza
  • Real Publicity Story: Dr. Edelstein Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

About Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings PR is a Strategic Communications & Public Relations firm that offers publicity, public relations, book promotion, marketing, social media creation and integration, and book publicity services to experts and analysts who would like to showcase their expertise via the media. The Annie Jennings PR clients include CEO's and C-Suite executives who want to stay visible to their customers, clients and shareholders by being seen and heard in the national media commenting on socially relevant issues of the day. Annie Jennings PR also works with authors who wish to share their promote a book using Radio Campaigns, TV Campaigns, Internet & Print Media Campaigns. Annie Jennings Book Promotion places experts, analysts, CEO's, executives and authors on the major national media everyday and is well known for offering the most power radio campaign your money can buy, the “10 Million Real Live Listener Radio Campaign” offering bookings on the major player shows in the top markets in the country. Annie Jennings PR books TV, any city - any time.

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