18 Analytics8 Case Studies

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Read 18 Case Studies from real Analytics8 users sharing their business challenges and results after using Analytics8 software.

  • A Deeply Beneficial Solution To Smooth Out BI Kinks And Promote Organizational Wellbeing Opportunities
  • Capitalizing On Better Customer Information To Boost Sales
  • Dawn Meats Gets Full Visibility Into Their Spend
  • GE Aviation Flying High With Improved Capacity Management
  • Adding Smarter Sales And Reporting At GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Retailer Can Now React Faster Than Ever To Consumer Demands
  • A Newsworthy Change To The Cloud Yields Results Worth Broadcasting
  • Investing In A Data Warehouse And Better Information Reaps Big Returns For Investment Company
  • Flying High With BI
  • Keeping Customer Satisfaction Levels Flying High
  • Trading Card Company Trades In Lost Revenue From Unused Merchandise For Valuable Business Intelligence And Growth
  • Marketing And Advertising Firm Sharpens Its Edge On Boosting Loyalty
  • Putting Power Behind Customer Service Improvements
  • A Healthy Dose Of Business Intelligence Is Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • Global Energy Management Company Recharges Its Marketing And Sales Campaigns
  • Manufacturer Forges New Efficiencies And Deeper Analytics With Stronger Data And Insights
  • Relocation Leader Puts Clients In The Driver's Seat By Transferring Valuable Insight
  • Better Information Leads To Safer Work Environments

About Analytics8

Analytics8 equips companies to thrive with data so they can succeed in business. They provide data and analytics consulting services that allow companies to make smart, data driven decisions. They partner with our clients to transform their data into knowledge and unlock valuable information so they can move from insights to action.

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