36 AltexSoft Case Studies

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Read 36 Case Studies from real AltexSoft users sharing their business challenges and results after using AltexSoft software.

  • AltexSoft Helps ASL Aviation Safely Migrate Internal Informational Portal to Cloud
  • Australia-Based Shipment Service Company - Customer Case Study
  • AltexSoft for Bally Technologies Inc. creating unique user experience and engagement through custom notification and localization services
  • AltexSoft develops an efficient and affordable SaaS POS solution for Bravo Pawn Systems
  • AltexSoft co-builds one of a kind mobile inventory management tool for the leading pawn industry SaaS provider
  • AltexSoft Assists the Global Cloud PoS Platform Provider in Extending Distribution Channels for Pawnshops through eCommerce Capabilities
  • AltexSoft & Bruxlab Employing state-of-the-art machine learning and data science to diagnose and fight bruxism
  • AltexSoft Aids the Innovative PoS Solutions Provider in Bringing Pawn Industry Online through Unique eCommerce Marketplace Development
  • AltexSoft Helps Healthcare Technology Provider Build Medical Research Mobile Platform
  • AltexSoft & Comply365 Co-building Mobile-First Airline Operations Management Environment
  • AltexSoft & Cornerstone Information Systems Building a Cloud Web Dashboard as a Corporate Travel Management Solution
  • Reimagine the user experience for a corporate travel management solution
  • AltexSoft helps streamline lead generation process with custom white-label software solution
  • AltexSoft Builds a Custom Reporting Solution for an Innovative Broadcasting Data Provider
  • AltexSoft creates unique data science and analytics-based fare predictor tool to forecast price movements
  • AltexSoft & Fareboom Co-Building Innovative Travel and Booking Solution to Outperform the Competition
  • Building A Cross-Platform Travel App for Flight Schedule Notifications and Post-Purchase Customer Support
  • AltexSoft & Fareboom Personalizing User Experience in OTA using Machine Learning and Data Science Techniques
  • AltexSoft builds a powerful patent research and analysis tool for a pharmaceutical startup
  • AltexSoft & Intellogate Designing Scalable Microservices Ecosystem for Self-Service Payment Terminals
  • AltexSoft upscales the client’s business through a custom clinic management tool and its further transformation into a SaaS product
  • AltexSoft Helps the Innovative Digital Ticketing Company Enrich Its Oering with Mobile Capabilities and Powerful Analytics Tool
  • AltexSoft helps a fintech startup reshape online trading through complete business analysis, UX/UI design and engineering
  • AltexSoft co-builds customer engagement cloud platform with gamification marketing startup
  • AltexSoft applies Xamarin best practices to bridge the gap between iOS and Android in sports industry
  • AltexSoft helps a capital group transition from its legacy system by co-building a new SaaS retirement investment solution
  • AltexSoft Builds up a Scalable QA Automation Framework to Streamline the Delivery Process and Future-Proof the Client’s Business
  • AltexSoft helps Merlot Aero advance airline management by enhancing the legacy system and building up new features for its transportation SaaS product
  • Expanding the Leading OTA Functionality Using SEO Growth Hacking with Three Flight Search and Tracking Widgets
  • AltexSoft & Niftie Designing Ride Sharing App as Public Transportation Alternative
  • AltexSoft lays foundation for a fleet optimization solution with comprehensive technology and business consulting
  • AltexSoft for Scientific Games Adding Value to the Product through Sophisticated Analytics Tool and Improved Quality
  • AltexSoft for Snaptracs Inc. enhancing the GPS tracking solution by building sustainable QA automation framework
  • AltexSoft improves an innovative business evaluation tool by enabling automated and reliable data collection and analysis in the cloud
  • AltexSoft Achieves Digital Business Transformation through Comprehensive Business Analysis and Software Engineering
  • AltexSoft helps reimagine risk analysis through a powerful bank performance tool

About AltexSoft

AltexSoft is a Technology & Solution Consulting company, they co-build technology products to help companies accelerate growth. They achieve this by leveraging their technical, process and domain expertise and access to the best price-for-value Eastern European engineers. Over 100 US-based and 200 worldwide businesses have chosen them as their Technology Consulting Partner.

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