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  • Apptega

    Apptega is at the intersection of creativity and their patent-pending technology. Today, Their customers range from small business IT leaders to Fortune 1000 companies with dozens of security…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Blissfully

    Blissfully is the most complete SaaS management platform, giving you automated visibility into your SaaS apps, usage, and spend, along with powerful workflows to manage change. Their SaaS Management…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Hyperproof

    Hyperproof is building software that makes compliance efforts and audit processes dramatically simpler and faster. Hyperproof serves as a system of record for an organization’s compliance data and…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • JupiterOne

    JupiterOne was built around the notion that complexity is the enemy of security operations and assurance. To combat complexity, organizations need centralized visibility of assets and resources from…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Laika

    Laika helps growing companies manage compliance, obtain security certifications, and build trust with enterprise customers. Launch confidently and scale smoothly while meeting the highest of industry…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Shujinko

    Shujinko simplifies, automates, and modernizes IT audit preparation and readiness for enterprises. Their software streamlines the complex, manual, and costly process required for companies to…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Tugboat Logic

    Tugboat Logic was created to address the skills and expertise gap in the security and compliance industry. Their goal is to simplify and automate information security management for every enterprise.…

    SOC 2 Compliance Software
  • Very Good Security

    Very Good Security (VGS) is the easiest, most secure and most compliant way to collect, protect and exchange sensitive data of all types to help you lower your liability, increase your security…

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