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  • Checkster

    Checkster enables organizations to make better talent decisions using the new science of collective intelligence and ubiquity of social networks to deliver fast, accurate social ratings. Checkster…

    Reference Check Software
  • Crosschq

    Crosschq is pioneering Human Intelligence Hiring™ by harnessing the power of people to help companies better screen, onboard and source the best talent. Crosschq’s technology gathers direct insights…

    Reference Check Software
  • SkillSurvey

    SkillSurvey is the leader in online reference checking, sourcing and credentialing, providing immediately useful insights to help employers make better hiring decisions. Its cloud-based referencing,…

    Reference Check Software
  • Veremark

    Veremark is a b2b background screening and reference checking platform useable by any company that wants to hire with less risk. They have digitized and automated the traditional slow and manual…

    Reference Check Software
  • Xref

    Xref is an automated reference checking platform that enables fast, data-driven hiring decisions. The mobile-friendly solution brings ease, security, and value to the referencing process. The Xref…

    Reference Check Software